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Sarah Cole: Age Concern Stockport got involved in the Granada switchover when we realised that a lot of our clients and people in the wider community were going to be really affected by digital switchover. They relied on their televisions and something was going to change.

We worked alongside Digital Outreach. They came to us and asked us to get involved, to get the message out into the community, so that was individual clients that we worked with or maybe going out and talking to groups.

One to one contact was really important and I think thatís the beauty of working with an organisation like Age Concern Stockport, in that they have people coming in. We have the Pop-In centre here where we had an advice point on the switchover days but in the run up to that, people were able to come in, ask for help and advice, get the leaflets they needed. A lot of people in the community perhaps donít have computers so they couldnít go online to get the information. I discovered a lot of people donít even have telephones so phoning the helpline was not there for them. So having somewhere that they trusted to come and get advice was really useful. Then we had the guys that go out into the community. We have a handy help group of people. The guys work from our office and they go out and they do handy help, maybe gardening or round the house but around the switchover time, they became very good at installing Freeview boxes and helping people with retuning.

I had one lady that I went to in a home and she was in her 90s and when I showed her how to retune she said, ďAh thatís so easy!Ē So she actually said, ďOh Iíll help all my friends do itĒ. So you know, I felt reassured that Iíd helped somebody but Iíd also, as a knock on, helped lots of other people as well.

Dildar Singh: From September through to January we have a training programme and we contact lots of the organisations that we work alongside. And we have trained volunteers and some of their staff members to actually disseminate the information through this particular programme, so they are the first line of persons given information. In addition to that training, it also actually made them aware of a grant support mechanism for community groups so that they themselves can then cascade that learning further down.

The grants have been very successful, the training has been very successful and has got the message out to the charities and the community sector and volunteers are and still are actually helping give out information.

David Harwood: We were fairly busy two weeks ago on the first of digital switchover (stage) one and we thought nobody would come but theyíve come in their droves and equally we found that people who have just come in for a cup of coffee, if we wondered round the tables and had a chat with them, they often had a question which they wanted to ask but didnít really want to come over, if you like, formally and stand in a queue.

The digital switchover project; the outreach project has been a great benefit to the care forum because itís enabled us to speak to the people we normally speak to but with a very different hat on and I think to be able to help these vulnerable people through something that can be quite daunting, has made us really proud.

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