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Digital UK has helped us out on a number of levels. All the information that we have on our intranet has come from Digital UK and twelve months prior to a region switching over, they visit all of our stores in that area. They give our colleagues (or the shop floor colleagues) training on the products and what customers are going to question our colleagues about. They also train our call centre staff as well, so any customer that gets a product home and not quite sure what to do, they can just call our call centre and have the help there that they need.

Digital UK has also helped us out with all the point of sale that we have in the store. Point of sale is any material you see around a Comet store that gives customer information. Digital UK has checked all of this point of sale before it goes to print, to ensure that it is accurate and we are giving our customers the best information, which therefore helps them out through switchover.

Digital UK has also been a great source of information as they have been able to collate information from all the other switchovers that have taken place. This has really helped us out with improving our customer service going forwards.

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Consumer research

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Financial report

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