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John Ellin: Well I wasn’t overtaken with the idea of digital because I couldn’t see what advantages you could obtain from it apart from the fact that there would be a lot more room for programmes and I thought well, all we’re going to do is get a lot more programmes repeated over and over again and not a great deal of new programmes. I couldn’t see any real practical object of it.

Sheila Ellin: When we first got the digital TV I thought it looked very complicated and there seemed to be a lot of controls to get used to, but like everything the more you use it, it became simpler.

Sophie Ellin: Well it was a little bit complicated at the beginning but then it got really easy.

Tessa Duggleby (Digital UK): You’re quite nifty with the remote control now aren’t you?

Sophie Ellin: Yeah

Sheila Ellin: Yes, having the digital television has changed the way we do view television. I think we can record several things at once if we need to, record while we’re watching, record things that are on while I’m out at work and they’re there to watch when I want to watch them.

John Ellin: Well I would say to people who are worried about hanging on to the analogue programmes. Well I thought like that at first and thought, why do we need it but now we’ve got it, we certainly wouldn’t be without it.

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