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The switchover programme is well underway. Weve now completed about 25% of the UK. Weve completed switchover in the Border, West Country, West and Granada television regions and in the nation of Wales.

The significant milestone which we passed last autumn was the Granada switchover, which has gone as smoothly as we could hope. I think that we can be very confident that switchover will complete on time at the end of 2012 and very well under budget.

The vast majority of people can get through the switchover process fairly easily but that doesnt mean to say that some people dont have problems. In particular, there are some people who will find retuning difficult and that is particularly difficult for them if they have got overlapping signals from other areas. We do find though, that if they contact us, we can normally help them through that process in a few minutes. There will though, always be some people whove got aerial or reception difficulties within their homes, which can only be resolved by a visit to their home by a trained installer.

I think that we always look to learn as we go. Weve been simplifying the communications activity as we pass along. We seek to save money and to make it more effective.

I think the key lessons that I would pick up are the joy of working with local people to get neighbours to help others in their community. The charity sector has been wonderful. Our regional teams, very small regional teams of three or four people, manage to co-ordinate a lot of activity in the region and the communications campaign works well.

Our focus is now moving to the north of Scotland. Well work down Scotland during the summer and well be in the Channel Isles in November this year. But most of the work in 2010, in addition to the switchover (and weve got 21 different switchover dates still to go in 2010) but most of the work now, is thinking ahead to 2011 where weve got some very significant switchovers for the Yorkshire, Central, Anglia and STV Central regions; nearly 11 million homes in 2011. So our work for the rest of this year is to make certain were ready for next year.

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