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Digital UK supports the UKs terrestrial TV service and its viewers. At the heart of the platform is Freeview the universally available, free-to-air service watched in three-quarters of UK homes.

The company provides operational support for the platform, including management of the Freeview electronic programme guide, and leads on developing DTT strategy, working with its broadcast partners and industry. It also provides viewers with information and advice about terrestrial TV channels, services and reception.

The company is owned by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Arqiva, which owns and operates the transmitter network.

Spectrum policy

Crucial decisions are currently being made in the UK and Europe about clearing further airwaves for use by mobile network operators. This is designed to meet a predicted increase in the demand for mobile data, and could include a clearance of the frequencies currently used by terrestrial television.

Digital UK and its members believe any changes to the allocation of spectrum must continue to allow for a strong, free-to-air terrestrial TV service with the same level of coverage and range of channels that viewers enjoy today. We are urging Government to ensure any future decisions do not weaken Freeview and result in minimum disruption and cost for both viewers and broadcasters.

In line with this, Digital UK, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Arqiva have submitted joint responses to Ofcom consultations on the future of spectrum. These responses and other consultations are available here.

Digital UK has also published a report by Communications Chambers on the value of digital terrestrial television in an era of increasing demand for spectrum.

CEO and Chair

The Digital UK team is led by Chief Executive Jonathan Thompson. Caroline Thomson is Chair.

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Find out more about Digital UK and our role in managing digital terrestrial television (DTT).

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