Launching a multiplex

Launching a service


When a service is launched on a multiplex, Digital UK will configure the service information on the EPG of DTT televisions and set-top boxes for viewers to easily access.

Arrangements will also be made for Digital UK to begin the ingest and processing of the EPG data for the service for presentation to viewers. Broadcast launch of the service itself, where content appears to the viewer, will be as arranged between the service provider and the multiplex operator.

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Launching a multiplex onto DTT

Digital UK generates all Service Information (SI) data that allows for the integration of multiplexes onto the DTT platform.

For a new multiplex, Digital UK will:

  • Generate the SI data for the multiplex and all associated services alongside all other multiplex and service data for the platform
  • Provide this data 24/7 for broadcast on the multiplex allowing conformance with the Service Information requirements of Ofcom’s Reference Parameters for DTT Transmissions in the UK
  • Provide this data 24/7 for broadcast on all other relevant multiplexes so as to present a uniform viewing experience across all services on the platform
  • Handle any SI changes required to reflect alterations to the multiplex transmission or service line-up

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