Clearance events in 2019

700MHz clearance retunes for Q1 2019

Please find below a list of upcoming 700MHz clearance retune events for Q1 2019.

Detailed information for channel providers, installers and industry, including UHF channel changes, is available in regional documents following this table. These will be updated as further information is released. Some transmitter groups will have multiple retunes between now and mid-2020 as airwaves are released in stages.

Viewers served by affected transmitters in the groups listed may need to retune their TV equipment on the date shown, where this does not happen automatically.

Jan - Mar 2019 (Q1) 

Transmitter group Area served Retune date

Caldbeck Scotland (Creetown relay)

the Creetown area

27 February 2019


north east Wales

27 February 2019

Fremont Point (relays)

the Channel Islands

13 March 2019

Beacon Hill

Torbay and south Devon

27 March 2019

Caradon Hill (Salcombe relay)

the Salcombe area

27 March 2019

Stockland Hill (some relays only)

parts of Devon and Dorset

27 March 2019

700MHz clearance event details by region

The following PDFs provide detailed information on UHF channel and power changes at transmitters during 2018 and Q1 2019 for installers and industry. Where transmitters will undergo multiple changes during the clearance programme, this is indicated in line with current plans. These documents will be updated from time to time as new information is released or essential changes are made to technical plans.

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