Annual report 2010

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Switchover was managed and co-ordinated by Digital UKs Programme Office, working in partnership with a range of organisations and stakeholders including government, broadcasters and the Switchover Help Scheme.

Here organisations involved in similar projects can learn how its team of project managers ensured all parties worked together to keep switchover in each of the UKs 15 TV region on time and on track.

You can also find insights into our advice line quality, training, logistics and planning, with valuable lessons gleaned along the way.

Digital UK ran a major information campaign to prepare viewers for switchover, working closely with the BBC-run Switchover Help Scheme to ensure no one was taken by surprise when analogue TV signals were switched off in their area.

The campaign included TV, radio and press advertising, information leaflets sent to every home and roadshows across the country providing face-to-face advice as well as a website providing online help and support.

Find out more about the planning behind this award-winning campaign, what we learned along the way and how a small silver robot helped to bring Freeview to every corner of the UK.

The technical work required to achieve digital TV switchover was one of the biggest projects in UK broadcasting history.

More than 1,150 transmitting stations were upgraded to deliver new high-power digital signals to virtually every home in the UK.

Here you can learn how Digital UK collaborated with broadcasters, Ofcom and network operator Arqiva to deliver a terrestrial TV service fit for the 21 century.

We also share key insights into the development of our predictive Freeview coverage checker.

While digital TV switchover was a national programme, to viewers it was very much a local event.

Our regional teams worked at the heart of communities across the UK to prepare people and organisations from retailers, aerial installers and housing providers to the media and politicians for the biggest change to TV since the introduction of colour.

Find out how Digital UK joined forces with leading charities to create a groundbreaking partnership to ensure that even those hardest to reach made the switch to digital TV successfully.

Digital UK continually monitored the publics attitude towards and understanding of switchover, using these insights and working with focus groups to inform and improve our information campaign.

Here you can find out more about the Digital UK Tracker survey and other research used to ensure the programme completed successfully.