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We have a number of sources of help and advice for people at switchover. We run our contact centre which has lots of different people able to answer calls, at the point of switchover when most people call, about retuning but also advises people on general matters such as when they switch and how to get ready for switchover. We took over half a million calls last year in total so we are very busy and obviously we have peaks and troughs in line with the switchover dates.

We also manage a Digital UK website which gives general information about switchover right down to the very technical information about how to retune your particular piece of Freeview equipment and it also gives the postcode checker, which gives you your precise date of switchover and if you want them, the frequencies that you need to use as well.

We have specific websites which are designed for target audiences such as housing professionals, retailers etc which gives them very detailed information thatís tailored to them. One of the things we did in 2009 was to overhaul the homepage of the website and also the navigation of the website to make it easier for people to find the information they need at switchover. For example, some of the things we created were a whole lot of frequently asked questions and the creation of over 200 retune guides specific to makes and models of Freeview TVs and boxes; to make it easy for people to re-tune.

One of the other things that we did on the website was we introduced something called the manual retune widget, which allows people who live in overlap areas to enter their postcode, find the frequencies that they needed to get their preferred regional services on, and then print off and download a personalised manual re-tune guide for their address.

It was important for us to produce this retune widget because people who live in overlap areas for example, in some areas of Granada would actually receive Welsh television services as a characteristic of how television is transmitted. So this tool enabled them to easily find out how to get their preferred services back again.

Another important area is working with retailers and installers. Retailers because they obviously advise customers before switchover, when theyíre buying equipment to get ready, and also they deal with technical problems that people have at the point of switchover and beyond. Installers spend a lot of time on the roads speaking to their customers about the type of aerials they need and in many cases people donít need to change their aerial at all, so we have a training programme with retailers and we have a retail support team who go round and deliver face to face help and advice to retailers before each switchover.

One of the things Iím most proud of from 2009 was the fact that our retail support team won a national award for the best retail training programme and that was our training programme that delivers support to retailers around the country, telling them what they need to know about switchover. And in fact, in 2009 we delivered this through over 6 and a half thousand individual store visits, so Iím very pleased with the way itís going so far.

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