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The Granada television regionís huge. It was the biggest one that weíd done in the switchover programme to date; itís got 6 million people, itís got upwards of three and a half million households, so it was a huge challenge and also itís a very, very urban area. It was the first time again, we had to factor in lots and lots of big cities like Preston, Manchester, Liverpool. You may not think it from where I am at the moment (Iím actually at the transmitter at Winter Hill which is very rural) but this isnít typical. Granada spans vast amounts of territory and thereís big sectors of population gathered in these sectors and we had to sort of get to them all.

We did an awful lot of activity to really get the message out there in the Granada region. We realised from the start that people really like face-to-face advice. They like to be shown what to do and what all the various bits of kit do as well. So what we did, was we had a roadshow programme that went to pretty much every town in the region. We also had smaller events, where we went to supermarkets, markets, libraries, dentist surgeries; wherever people already were really and doing their everyday business so we could go there and be there at the same time. So while they were shopping for eggs or butter, they could also ask a question about switchover and what it meant for them. So that worked really really well. We also had an awful lot of people helping us like MPs and local authorities and obviously theyíre talking to their constituents on a day to day basis and have been for years and they were a vital inroad for us to actually reach people who we wouldnít necessarily get to. So it was harnessing local expertise that allowed us to talk to the people who really needed to hear the messages most.

Most people in the Granada region sailed through switchover with no problems at all and really enjoyed the additional channels they were able to get, often for the very first time. A very small minority of people needed some extra help and advice on issues like retuning. For example, on how to swap their channels round on an electronic programme guide. So the help and advice was there for people; they were able to ring our advice line, for example, if they needed more information or to download how to guides from our website. One issue we had in the Granada region, were overlapping channels between Wales and England. Itís not a new issue. In fact viewers who live on the Wirral have experienced this for many years now but after switchover a small minority of viewers found that Welsh channels were at the top of their programme guide rather than the English channels they expected to see. This is where the advice line really came into its own because we were able to show people that it is resolvable with a manual retune or a Ďsaving channels to favouritesí.

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