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Digital switchover is absolutely key to delivering the BBC digital strategy for the future, because itís about future proofing all our terrestrial transmission, which is the main way people watch us. So getting digital switchover to work really smoothly is something thatís central to what we want to do and making sure that people understand it, that they have confidence in it, that they know whatís happening and that itís as little trouble as possible. And obviously, when the whole countryís switched, from our point of view, it will be wonderful in that the whole country will have access to all our television channels, not just to BBC One and BBC Two, but to Three and Four and BBC News, BBC Parliament as well.

I think the projectís gone remarkably smoothly actually so far. I sort of feel I have to say, ďtouch woodĒ as I say that, because you hesitate to say things like that; bit of a hostage to fortune perhaps.

Two years ago, if youíd asked me, I would have said it was one of the riskiest things I was responsible for, digital switchover. I didnít quite lose sleep about it, because Iím not the sort of person who loses sleep, but itís a very big engineering project, an enormous communications project and you just didnít know how well all the bits of it were going to fit together. But actually you know, now sitting where we are now, itís been very well handled. The transmission providers have done a fantastic job by and large in doing the technical work, the spectrum planning has gone very well and the communications has been really well handled. Doesnít mean there havenít been occasional mistakes but thereís not been national mayhem, which two years ago one thought if it went badly, there might have been.

One of the nice things about digital switchover is that when people get the extra television channels, theyíre very pleased with them, they donít necessarily know they want them before they get them but once they get them they think ďah actually I rather like thisĒ. And that for someone who runs a television company, you know; immensely pleasing thing to have happen.

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